Ideal for everything, from sharing on facebook to printing large wall art & canvas wraps.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make the most sense. The full resolution package provides each of your wedding images directly from the camera. No trimming, no cropping and no reduction in size. If you want to order display art or prints from your preferred printer, this package delivers maximum size image files for you to work with. The package features photography in your preferred style (reportage, traditional or both) by two photographers through the day.

Coverage starts at the bride’s house and continues through to the reception (speeches are covered providing these take place prior to the meal). The package consists of approximately 700 full resolution images supplied on CD/DVD for £1290.00

Go Large:

All your wedding photographs are converted to a jpg format from the camera’s native raw files. This enables you to take your photos to your preferred printer and produce your own canvas wraps or large format prints. Of course, you could also share them with family and friends too. Your images will be professionally edited and colour balanced to ensure each one is ready to be printed.