Catch the moment, glimpse the person. Home and location portrait sessions don’t have to be bleak settings with a plain white background. Clients are increasingly opting for an outdoor shoot at a location that holds many memories and stirs up a well of emotions.

Location with meaning

Where we have been shapes who we are. Some of our fondest memories are wrapped up in the canopy of a favourite forest, or recalled by the sound of a rushing river. Beautiful, natural settings are an ideal background to capture personal moments that are truly inspired.

Travelling to a location you love and having a portrait session is a great family experience. It provides many opportunities and adds a splash of colour to your living room wall.

Home comfort

A portrait shoot at your own home is by no means a compromise. Modern lighting equipment and backgrounds can make the most of any size room, so you can have ‘white background’ studio style shots in the comfort of your own home. Don’t dismiss your decor just yet, though. Every home has hidden gems to explore, a feature wall or two or maybe even a ‘secret garden’. Your home is your castle, celebrate it by showing it off in your photographs.