What to expect from your wedding photographer.

It’s fair to say that planning for a wedding generally sees us at our most organised. Whilst we might work hard to do our best, having to juggle so many things can lead to gaps in our concentration. Having photographed dozens of weddings, you would be surprise at how differently each wedding day plays out. It’s clear to see where careful planning has resulted in a successful celebration.

Yes it can be stressful, there is so mush to do. But, it doesn’t have to be hard work as far as your wedding photography goes. Here are my top tips for managing the ever growing list of to dos. Keeping these tips handy will help you quickly sort out your wedding photography freeing you up for other decisions.

The key is to split the task into 4 simple areas. I have produced a checklist for you to browse below which will be handy when it comes to choosing a photographer. What to expect during your initial and pre-wedding meetings is also covered, so make sure you discuss everything on the list when your photographer visits you.

Finding a photographer
Their website looks professional and I could easily browse sample galleries.

Details about package contents and costs were fully disclosed on the photographers website.

I am pleased with the quality and consistency of the photography I saw on their website.

The photographer provides a package I want.

The photographer is available on the date of my wedding.

I can book a no commitment initial meeting (meet & greet) at a time and location convenient to me.

During your initial meeting
The photographer arrived at the time and location we had arranged.

I had the opportunity to handle a good selection of albums, featuring a variety of styles and materials.

I was happy with the quality of the sample albums and photography I saw.

I have provided details of the wedding location, reception venue and the number of guests attending.

We discussed my preferred photography style and I highlighted particular shots that I would like to reproduce.

The photographer had a pleasant manner, was informative and listened to my suggestions.

Rough timings have been discussed along with the photography schedule for the day.

We covered the cost of my chosen package and when and how the balance should be paid.

I have secured the date of my wedding by paying the booking fee.

We have arranged a time & date for the pre-wedding shoot.

Your pre-wedding consultation
I have prepared a list of names of ‘key persons’ attending my wedding and passed this to the photographer.

We have agreed upon an exact ‘time sheet’ schedule of when significant events will be photographed during the course of the wedding.

The photographer’s start time and arrival location has been established.

We discussed how the pre-wedding photoshoot pictures could be used in place of a traditional guest book.

A list of group shots and other ‘must have’ shots has been compiled and passed to the photographer.

The photographer I have dealt with will be my actual photographer on the day, not a subcontracted photographer.

I know exactly how much my photography package will cost together with what it includes.

The photographer explained how long each stage of the package would take and when I could expect to see my proof images.

I feel confident that the photographer has listened to my wishes and is capable of delivering my wedding photography to the standard I expect.

I have paid the balance due on my photography package.
Your wedding day
Notify the photographer immediately if timings have changed.

The photographer knows exactly where to stand during the wedding service (usually the photographer will not be able to move so you must decide if you want then at the back looking up the aisle or at the front).

Last minute group shots have been passed to the photographer.

If you don’t feel comfortable, ask to see some photos so far. This helps to reassure you that you’re looking amazing.

Remember, it’s your day so feel free to ask for shots on demand. Your photographer should always give you priority.

Proofs should be available to view online within a few days of your wedding.